West Chester Dragons Travel Baseball Teams

West Chester Dragons Competitive Travel Baseball Teams

A competitive travel baseball organization that offers teams from 9u through 15u, based in West Chester, PA. Players welcomed from Chester County and beyond!

15U/16U Roster Scheduling for Fall 2019 TOURNAMENTS


Please complete the below form with your scheduling preferences. Each 15U and 16U player will attend 5 tournaments this season.

Player's Name *
Player's Name
League Age for Fall 2019 *
Grad Year *
Select the 5 tournament weekends that you prefer to attend. (Click only 5 to indicate your choices.)
Please note: For Week 3 and Week 7, you have two options for tournaments.
Week 1: August 31-September 1 (No Monday games)
15U only
Week 2: September 7-8
15U and 16U eligible
Week 3: September 14-15
Week 4: September 21-22
15U and 16U eligible
Week 5: September 28-29
15U and 16U eligible
Week 6: October 5 - PBR West Chester Dragons Scout Day (see Question #2 below)
Week 7: October 11-14 Columbus Day holiday weekend
Week 8: October 18-20 (May have Friday night game)
15U and 16U eligible
Week 9: October 26-27
15U and 16U eligible
For example, you may indicate if you do not have any tournament preferences.
Week 6: Will your player be participating in the "PBR West Chester Dragons Scout Day" event on Saturday, October 5, in Manheim, PA? *
This is an optional event offered to all Dragons high school players, including the rising freshman. Coach Tony recommends attending if your son plans to play baseball at the college level. The event will be held on Saturday, October 5, from 9:45am-2:00pm at Keystone State Baseball Academy in Manheim, PA. More information about Scout Day, including the player's evaluation agenda for the day, is available on the PBR website. If your player is participating, you will need to register him here: PBR REGISTRATION → This is a separate program offered to our Dragons high school players, and is not be part of the regular tuition cost for the Fall season. If your player registers for this event, the Dragons will invoice you accordingly based on your registration selection: $100 Pitcher Only, $125 Position Player, or $150 Position Player and Pitcher.