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Dragons to host National Pitching Association East STAT Throwing Camp on Saturday, August 11! Register online now

West Chester Dragons Travel Baseball is excited to host a National Pitching Association (NPA) East STAT Throwing Camp, led by Gary O'Flynn, former Pitcher for the Texas Rangers organization, and Bill Roberts, NPA East Associate!

This Camp is open to all Philadelphia area baseball players ages 9U-17U. Both Dragons and non-Dragons players are invited to register!

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NPA East STAT Throwing Camp
Hosted by West Chester Dragons Travel Baseball
Saturday, August 11, 2018
Held at East Bradford Park in West Chester, PA

Choose from Two Sessions!
Morning Session from 8:30am-1:00pm
Afternoon Session 11:30am-4:00pm
Camp Fee: $120

This Camp is perfect for baseball players of all ages 9U-17U and all positions!
Limited Spots Available! First come, first serve.

Gardy O'Flynn, NPA Regional Director and Former Pitcher for the Texas Rangers organization

Gardy O'Flynn, NPA Regional Director and Former Pitcher for the Texas Rangers organization


On Saturday, August 11, Gardy O'Flynn is flying in to led a National Pitching Association (NPA) East STAT Throwing Camp for all Philadelphia area baseball players ages 9U-17U. Along with NPA East Associate Bill Roberts, Gardy will work with each player to give a full assessment of weak points and a tool kit to address areas of individual improvement.

Additionally, after the Camp, each individual player will receive a professional high-speed video analysis of their pitching mechanics and recommended corrective actions.

  • Each session includes 3 hours of field work and personal instruction, including:
  • Focusing on full body movement patterns to safely increase arm speed
  • Biomechanics for timing, kinematic sequencing and shoulder/arm movement
  • Functional strength for ground force production, torque and shoulder/arm strength
  • Identify pitching weaknesses and inefficiencies
  • Body work for stability, mobility and flexibility
  • Joint integrity work for durability, then machine work, then free weight work
  • Block training for aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Bandwork drills with a resistance band (Plus, each player will also take home a resistance band and instructional video for continued training!)

From 11:45am-1:00pm, Gardy will lead a discussion and a Q&A period with players from both the morning and afternoon sessions.


The  NPA process is a science based approach backed up by many years of motion analysis on over 600 top athletes.

  • Learn the NPA pitching model for health first, efficient biomechanics.
  • Age appropriate, cross specific exercises for each athlete to increase arm speed and safe velocity.
  • Personal Screening (STAT) to highlight strengths and weaknesses
  • Patterning and Skill development


Players should wear a t-shirt, shorts, cleats and sunscreen. (Dragons players should wear their practice tee and Dragons hat if you already have them.) Bring your glove and a water bottle or sports drink. You may also choose to bring a small snack (must be peanut-free and nut-free) to eat during a break.


The Camp will be held at:
East Bradford Park
835 Kenmara Drive
West Chester, PA 19380


Gardy O'Flynn was a former pitcher in the Texas Rangers organization 1993-1997 when he had the privilege of being coached by Tom House. He has maintained the relationship with Tom and first became an NPA coach in 2008. Gardy founded Pitching Fix in Ipswich, MA in 2008 and has expanded recently to Rochester, NY working with Dusty Odenbach (NPA). 

NPA East player clinics focus heavily on the four legs of the NPA/RDBI’s methodology: bio-mechanics, strength/conditioning, nutrition and mental/emotional preparation. Gardy works directly with Tom Landry (NPA) and the medical community in the Boston Area. His brother Hugh is a prominent orthopedic surgeon in the area. Gardy and his wife (both educators) have 4 children and reside in Ipswich, MA. 

Bill Roberts currently coaches for the West Chester Dragons, and has coached youth travel ball teams for the Steel City Titans and for Phenom of PA. He first became involved with the NPA in 2010, and has hosted Tom House for local pitching clinics in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Bill stays current on the latest NPA teachings by attending coach clinics with Tom House and Gardy O'Flynn, and by assisting with NPA East players.

QUESTIONS? Please email Bill Roberts with any Clinic questions.


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